Soo-Yong Shin, PhD

Associate Professor
  • B4-Rm124,Samsung Comprehensive
    Cancer Center, Samsung Medical Center

    (삼성서울병원 암병원 지하4층 124호)

  • sooyong.shin (at)

    sy.shin (at)


  • 2000-2005 Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering (Machine Learning), Seoul National University
  • 1998-2000 M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering, Seoul National University
  • 1994-1998 B.S. in Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

Professional Experience

  • 2018- Assistant /Associate Professor, Department of Digital Health, SAIHST, Sungkyunkwan University
  • 2016-2018 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, Kyung Hee University
  • 2011-2016 Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Asan Medical Center & University of Ulsan College of Medicine
  • 2010-2011 Principal Researcher, Bioinformatics Lab. Samsung SDS
  • 2008-2010 Research Professor, Medical Information Center, Seoul National University Hospital
  • 2006-2008 Guest Researcher, MSID, MEL, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Hyunjung Kim



jengkim77 (at)

Hyo Jung Kim

PhD in Medical Informatics

Research Interest:

Biomedical knowledge engineering,  Clinical decision support system,  Data management

arcane915 (at)

Yeohoon Yoon ('19)

Research interest:

Genomic data standards

yeohooni (at)

Ki yong Park ('19)

Research interests:

Healthcare AI systems

marsky.park (at)

Yeonghak Bang ('20)

Research interests:

Medical oncology, Cancer genomics, Clincal informaticss, Deep learning

Heejoon Chung ('20)

Research interest:

Bioinformatics, NGS data analysis

heejoon.chung (at)


Yoonho Choi ('21)

Research interest:

Medical Image Processing, Clinical Natural Language Processing, EMR Data Processing

jockerd (at)

Youngoh Bae ('21)

Research interest:

Bioinformatics, Neurology

younoh.bae (at)
gleho05714 (at)

Phillip Park (`21)

Research interest:

Biomedical health informatics

ppl605 (at)

Myungjin Cha (`22)

Research interest:


yrdh1000 (at)

Ji Eun Hwang ('18)

Research Interests:

Standard Terminology


hwangjieun (at)

Hyunwoo Choo ('18)

Research Interests:

Healthcare AI


jh.choo (at)

Mincheol Kim ('19)

Research interests:

Medical/Health AI & Time-series Analysis (at) (at)

Geunhyeong Lee ('19)

 Research Interests:

Medical/Health AI, Federated Learning


nanara1119 (at)


Seeun Kim ('20)

 Research Interests:

Standard Terminology


seeun2809 (at)

Jeongwon Im ('20)

Research Interests:

Regulation of medical equipment


polly51 (at)

Nahyun Keum ('21)

 Research Interests:

Integration of domestic EMR,  Advance the quality of nursing service through ML

sbettys (at) 

Yunjeong Park ('22)

Research Interests:

Clinical NLP, EHR, Chatbot, Voice Acoustic Analysis, AI for mental health

cs2tree (at)

Inkyu Kim ('22)

Research Interests:

Bioinformatics, Medical/Healthcare AI

777iku777 (at)

Jaewon Kim ('22)

Research Interests:

Medical/Health AI & Data Engineering

tohone06 (at)

Geunho Choi ('22)

Research Interests:

AI for Healthcare

Hyun-wook Jung ('22)

Research Interests:

데이터 관리, 데이터표준화

Geonhee Lee

Master Student (Graduated ’21)
Research interesting:

Medical/Health AI & Natural Language Processing


lgh1261 (at)

Doyoun Lee

M.S in Computer Engineering
Research interesting:

Health IT Standards, Telemedicine, Health Data Exchange


keveni8844 (at)

Eunkyoung Lee ('20)

Research Interests:



Eunkyungleeme (at)

Doyoung Kim

 Intern (’19)




Sung-Min Kang

Master Student (Graduated ’21)
Research Interests:

Medical Imaging, Deep Learning

sm.kang0331 (at)

Jun-Mo Kim

Master Student (Graduated ’19)
Research Interests:

Medical Imaging, Deep Learning

skyjunmo (at)

Minkyu Kim

Intern (’18 Summer)

Michigan University

Gi Beum Koh

Intern (’18 Summer)

Michigan University

Ingmar van der Geest

Visiting (2020~2021)

Utrecht University, Netherlands

ingmarvdg (at)